Cathching the Host
I'm on vacation (still no job-o-la,  :P please send a prayer to St Joseph)

During Communion the EMHC after having placed the Host on my tongue, accidentally dropped the Host she was about to present to the next communicant. Now this time (unlike the typical NO parishes in my home diocese) there was an altar boy who held a paten underneath me. Now without hesitation, since I had my eyes closed receiving Him...when I sensed like something fell, I cupped my hands and caught the Host before the Host landed on the paten. The EMHC said "Nice catch", I not knowing what to say since I literally had just received Communion responded with an "Amen"

My question I guess is, was it wrong for me to catch the Host, since the paten is there for that? Normally in my diocese the paten is never used, so if this did happen in my diocese the Sacred Host would have just fallen on the floor....IDK what to make of it.

It was fine to catch it (which I say as one who absolutely cannot stand people receiving in the hand or lay people distributing communion). Better that than the Sacrament end up on the floor. In the future, though, I strongly recommend you keep your eyes open to receive communion. It's important to be fully aware of what's going on around you. Also, I suggest you only receive from the priest.
You did the right thing in catching the host. Better to catch it than for it to miss the paten and fall on the floor. 

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