Mass times and priest's timetables
(05-22-2015, 09:16 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote:
(05-22-2015, 06:41 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: If I were a priest I'd probably have Mass once a day at 8 am during the week preceded by confession. I might also have another Mass at 6 pm preceded by confession and vespers.  I'd try to have some sort of public recitation of the Office set up in the parish as much as possible as well,especially vespers  although I'm not sure how I'd work that in.

One of the new rite parishes here has LOTH 3 or 4 times a day and confession each day,and its a spiritually vibrant place for the most part. Only the Office and regular confession, not just the Mass, can really link people in with the spirit of the liturgical seasons I think. Certainly the Office would be a priority above and beyond extra liturgical private devotions, at least in my parish if I had one. I wouldn't discourage rosary groups and all that, but I'd spend more time pushing for the parishoners to take up as much of the Office as they were able.

The rest of the day would be spent visiting the sick in hospitals and homebound parishoners.

I'd also want to be responsible for catechism classes as much as possible. More than anything I'd want parishoners to see that I'm a man of prayer who lives according to the rhythm of the liturgical year and who is available as a spiritual father. I'd make sure there was as little red tape as possible; there'd be no parish councils, laymen running things etc.

That sounds wonderful.  I've known lots of seminarians and priests who started having the vision you describe, and- just as I'm sure you have- they had the best of intentions.  There are a very few priests who are successful at this.  I've personally known some others, however, who wanted to be that way but couldn't.  Their attempt at it actually caused spiritual harm to them and to their parishioners.

I can only imagine, I mean,a new priest is more often than not being assigned a parish that has already an established pattern of worship and private devotion,power politics,expectations etc. It would be very difficult to do something like I described unless you were starting a mission parish from scratch or something; where you'd have the leeway to push your vision from the get go.

I remember hearing once about a young priest who,after the Liturgy was approached by the guy who acts as the church janitor who pulled him aside and said " look Father, dont get any ideas,I've already mopped the floor with the last five guys,what's one more?" Kind of like a warning of " don't rock the boat buddy, or you'll capsize the rest of them."
Lay people have way too much power in parishes all over. They have this Protestant mentality of I want MY church to present MY religion MY way. It's all about ME and if someone comes in and does it different then there will be hell to pay.

It's why many priests who mean well and desire to be more traditional are shut down. Not only do they have to deal with their pastors and other priests, but power hungry lay people as well. Often times traditional things aren't even considered because of fear of the response of the parishioners.

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