Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
My sister lives in Russia and I'm going there in a few months to visit. Never heard anything about them asking foreigners to be a Christian, this must just be a move to control the Muslim immigrants. Their immigration laws are ridiculous and injurious to the nation's overall well-being. The only way for a married foreigner to get a residence permit is if their spouse owns property, it's absurd. But something tells me that if a gay man greases enough palms to get his lover in, it would work. More than likely the Russian anti-gay culture stems from the insecurity that the men have about their masculinity. Russians think a man is someone who rules with an iron fist, and that's the only why they know how to accept authority. Seems a bit at odds with the meekness of Christ... I don't think that this homophobia comes from a great sense of justice. On the other hand, Russia has the best maternity rights in the world, and a woman's retirement age is 10 years earlier than men, precisely so that they can help out with grandchildren. People more than likely want it like that because they know anything the State would provide them with would be a joke. Since people don't take the State very seriously, it's no wonder that they aren't great champions of 'gay rights'. They don't have the entitled attitude to 'rights' like the West does. In this sense, the State has not replaced the Church.

Apparently the average Orthodox Russian has bitterly lost hope in the world and has an extremely mystical faith. Meaning they literally don't have any trust in any kind of law whatsoever. When in danger, they rely only on their friends and family, and God, for those who believe. At least in St. Petersburg, where my sister is, atheism is pretty prevalent. But there is something compelling about the 'Russian soul' and the suffering and depth, makes me think if Christians were a chosen people, it'd be the Russians!

They always remind Westerns: We are the only white people that you fear.


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