Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

OK, so we can doubt that Sr. Lucia is "real" (wild conspiracy theory).

Or we can doubt the whole promises thing.  For me, this can be resolved. I mean, as Gabriel suggested above, Russia is doing a 180 from the previous highway to hell.Fair enough. To be fair, though, the US and the West are much, much worse. So what gives? I think a lot of things are possible here. Russia has spread her errors. The errors infecting the US and the West in general are Russia's errors that have spread across the globe. So it is possible, from a "Yes" perspective, that the Triumph is underway, beginning with the nation that was at the center of the cancer (Russia), and over time (and some serious miracles!) the West will come around. I do think that virtually inexplicable things took place in a short time that released Russia from the Communist atheist grip. However, this did not come about without serious upheaval, economic collapses one after the other, hunger and despair, and a great deal of uncertainty. We in the West might do well to take a close look at what this sort of thing looks like, because we may be in for a good dose of it ourselves. In addition, it may very well be that Russia is simply a much stronger country than anything in the West, as far as its people and their culture are concerned, so it may not actually be that difficult for Russia to convert the West. The West is a place of such superficial "values" and such changeable priorities and is suffering from such an absolute vacuum of anything profound, that we may very well see the West change quickly. Either way, the point is that we can never know "what part of the movie we are in" if we are ourselves inside the movie, if you know what I mean.

Obviously, there are only 2 answers to the OP question: yes or no.
Of the "No" answers, I think only the wild conspiracy theory makes any logical sense. Though it is wild conspiracy theory. I don't buy it.
Of the "Yes" answers, I think that a kumbaya "it was all done yay!" option does not work. The only one that I think would work is the one in which we say the consecration was not done properly and was not made public before 1960 as requested, but that Our Lady has accepted the low-budget versions that were done afterward, as a result of which, the Triumph has begun, in Russia, and will proceed, perhaps more slowly than it should have, just as the low-budget consecrations proceeded slowly and weakly as well, but that it is ongoing. Even in the dying West, there are strange things afoot. Millions of people marching in France (seriously? France?). Vocations among traditionalist and conservative Catholic groups continues steadily, and those from rotten groups are not. This will make things easier at a certain point. The places in the West where the Church is most ridiculous, the sickest places, are dying out. They have powerful prelates, yes, but they are a dying breed among emptying parishes. I'm thinking Germany right now . . .  whereas in zones like Africa there is hope.

You know, we got a Polish pope when Communism was still around. Then we got a German pope when the chief threats were inside the Church, and we know now that some of the biggest are from Germany. This may not be coincidental. We now have a pope who is very big on risk-taking and seemingly has no problem with chaos and arguments flying wildly in the Church. This sort of thing pains me, but this pope's manner of governing has led to a great deal of good churchmen speaking out more loudly and clearly than ever before. Battle lines are being drawn very clearly in the Church today. During Benedict's reign, there was always a sense that he was not in control, that people were doing all sorts of things secretly around him, lying to his face and behaving in underhanded ways all the time. So now we get a pope whose manner brings out everyone's secrets, whose manner leads to clarification. He is a cause of great confusion, yes, but it is actually causing a lot of festering wounds to get exposed to the light of day. perhaps this is what was really needed right now, a clarifying moment in the Church. If so, this will be one more rung on the Triumph ladder. For all we know, the upcoming Synod will do not much of anything, and this pope will just reach an agreement with the Orthodox, who Benedict had already said are part of the Church of Jesus Christ. If all he did was create some confusion and lead to closer ties with Russia, he would still have done something good. He is furthering recognition of Palestine. Such a small, seemingly unimportant thing, unless you are a Christian Arab, or a Christian living in the Holy Land, or battling militant Islam in some way.

Sorry for the long rambling answer, Renatus. But it is possible that we are in the development of the Triumph, though in our "neighbourhood" things don't look so good.

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