Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
Hey Renatus, sorry if I came across as disagreeing with you. I only addressed it to you because I thought what you were saying was interesting, and in fact I agree with you on pretty much everything you say. I do find it interesting that there is a Yes-ish/No-ish  answer to the question, in which both are possible, if you add the -ish. Maddening, if you are really into this sort of detail. I am not. I love Our Lady, pray her rosary every day, visit her shrines, cultivate a Mary garden, and so on. The details will not really make a difference to my life.

By the way, I don't see any sort of Orthodox reunion thing happening just like that either. It would take miracles, ones we do not foresee at the moment. I don't know much about the Orthodox, but I do know they have the Sacraments and they are a part of the Church as a result. Again, either way, I can't see how it would affect my life. But I do think we will begin to see very important changes in the Church very soon.

Here is a question for a thread: what do you think would happen in the Church if Pope Francis died today, suddenly? All kinds of cards on the table, and a mad scramble for the chips.

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