Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
(06-06-2015, 09:25 AM)xandratax Wrote: I have just read some disturbing articles about Russia's new propaganda machine, which does not out-right censor, but questions everything to the point confusion and discouragement of the people. Another article mentionned something even more disturbing, that during the Victory Parade last month, the defence minister Sergei Shoigu made the sign of the cross as he was passing under the Kremlin's Savior Gate. That is a traditional gesture before going into battle, and hasn't been seen in Russia since before the revolution. Read here: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree...st-ukraine

Didn't the Vatican exorcist say that the chastisement will begin this fall? Looks like Russia is suiting up right on schedule.

I have heard the same about September and beginning of The Chastisement, from the same source. It does, sadly, make sense, since Our Lady said there would be granted a "period" of Peace. The Chastisement was always, I think, a bit inevitable, but like Jesus said in the Gospel, there would be an easing for the sake of the elect.

This period of peace and this easing seem to mesh.

Most sadly, the world is spiraling towards an inevitable disaster, one Christ said would be so severe as never before seen on the earth, nor ever again...that's saying VOLUMES!! That means worse than even the Great Flood!

Yes, Russia has begun to return to its old ways, as a dog to its vomit. Ukrainian leadership have been warning of a soon to come Russian invasion and is mobilizing her forces. This is the area where the last two World Wars broke out, it would be foolish to think it couldn't happen again, except now, the world's forces are even more skilled and equipped to deal out mass death upon humankind and life in general.

Heaven help us all!!!

(06-06-2015, 08:19 AM)thomas7 Wrote: Now some are saying that Russia having  already been consecrated in '84 but needs to be AGAIN because the 'era of peace' , having lasted 25 years, has come and gone, Russia is reverting back to being evil again so let's 're-consecrate' Russia again!! Unbelievable logic coming from the SpiritDaily neo catholic crowd.

Not really so illogical as hopeful in the face of the odds against the likelihood of such an extension being granted.

BTW: The crack about "neo catholic crowd"? References please? I never thought of Michael Brown , nor his writings in such a manner.

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