Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
By the way, anyone who thinks that some period of 'peace' has now come to an end is kidding themselves. There was never peace. There was no disarmament, no peace treaty. There was just a diplomatic shaking of hands and a decision to end a failed political experiment on the part of the Russians. In fact, as the article I posted mentions, NATO expanded and continues to expand further into former Soviet countries, indirectly provoking Russia's national and military concern. In the meantime, both countries (US and Russia) still have enough nuclear weapons to blow the earth up 10 times over. This 'peace' can be comparable to the period after WWI, where people mistook the end of the war for peace. Marechal Foch immediately recognized this error, who declared after reading the Treaty of Versailles: 'This is not peace, it's a 20 year armistice.' He was off by a matter of days, when WWII was declared.

I'm talking about all this strictly from historical and political viewpoints, and putting two and two together. As we have seen the art of war has severely changed since WWII, it is naive to believe that the current 'wars' now being fought, cannot be expanded into a greater conflict involving Russia. It's not a wild-eyed conspiracy theory therefore, to foresee WWIII emerge from the current conditions. Add the Fatima revelations and you get a very convincing confirmation and an uncanny insight into it all. This is why it really doesn't seem like any consecrations have carried any weight, as far as Fatima and Russia is concerned.

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