Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
(06-07-2015, 05:56 PM)maso Wrote: ...And the orthodox people of Russia didn't convert to the true catholic Faith.
Therefore: No period of peace + No conversion = The 1984 consecration wasn't properly done.
We know that before Sr Lucy said that the "consecration is accepted by Heavens", she said the contrary for at least 4 years. There are a lot of  testimonies, declarations, press reports, etc... confirming this.
The late  Abbé Georges de Nantes was told by the local bishop of Leiria, Mgr Do Amaral, that he himself conveyed to Sr Lucy the ORDER from the Vatican to shut up. Sr Lucy was silenced and all meetings, all  interviews with her were  filtered by the Vatican.
Then we can find a bit of irony (from Sr Lucy) in that sentence  "the consecration is accepted by Heavens". Of course does anyone knows of a consecration which was not accepted by Heavens? Even if it was a flawed one, the consecration of the world of 1984 (without even Russia named) was accepted BUT it didn't bring the expected fruits our Lady promised.
We got the fall of the Iron curtain and the end of the persecutions against christians in Russia.
And that's all for now.

As for as the fall of the Iron Curtain, this had nothing to do with any heroics on the part of the Church or anyone in the West at all. It was the inevitable collapse of a faux regime, BASED on Marx, but not actually what Marx proposed. 'Communism' collapsed because it was never there in the first place, not in the sense true what Marx taught. According to Marx, Communism arises naturally from the failings Capitalism, which arose from the failings of Feudalism. Capitalism never existed in Russia, it was still more or less a feudal monarchy until the emancipation of its peasant slaves in 1861.  Afterwords followed many well-attempted reforms on the part of the Czars, which had little effect on the problems of the Russian poor. The so-called October Revolution was enabled by the Germans during WWI in an indirect attack against Russia. They literally sent Lenin over to start the Revolution, which caused the Russians troops to turn against their generals and stop fighting. This is why there was so much rewriting of the history books, to make 1917 look natural, as if it was the Marxist proletariat up-rising that would lead to Communism. Of course, it wasn't, because Capitalism hadn't even been instated in Russia. They tried to do everything to make it happen, which is why it 'State Capitalism' was instated by the the so-called 'Communists' in the 1920s. The whole rest of the regime constantly engaged in trying to usher in Communism, mostly by force, with a kind of pseudo-dictatorship of the proletariat. They kept promising the people that Communism was 'just around the corner' and if everyone pulled together with the regime, that it would happen. That's what they said during WWII, with Stalin, during the 'de-Stalinization', and all the way up the point the point when the whole Communist Party had turned into a gerontocracy who couldn't agree on anything anymore. After Cherynobl and the Velvert Revolution, the game was up. The Russians rose the white flag on the USSR of their own accord, because they had no other options.

This is why some people still claim to be Communists, by the way. Theoretically, with Capitalism in full-swing, there is no reason for a Marxist today to doubt its possibilities. Of course, you really must believe in it, like a religion, where the March of History is the will of God. This is why the Church is opposed to Communism, even before anyone ever attempted it politically.

The people of Russia themselves may be Christians, but it would be a very liberal stretch to say the same of the current regime. Putin and his 'might-makes-right' policies are very much against what Jesus and the Church fathers taught. It is good, that Putin opposes the West, which has a tendency to extreme hubris to the point of imposing its 'values' all over the world. Those values not exactly being completely Christian themselves. But in the end it's still the same old strong arm grab at power, on the part of both.

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