Has Russia Been Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?
(06-08-2015, 09:31 AM)DeoDuce Wrote: So in summary of this thread "we're f***ed".

Quite succinctly stated!

But the Gospels and Daniel and Apocalypse say that something really bad is to happen, the Marian and a few other apparitions say so as well, but with greater detail in some cases, Popes have related so, even Pope St.John Paul II.

All of these seem to point to a time that we may very well be living in. It may very well be, and I personally think it is so, that we are here to be witnesses to these "End Times" events, that we were placed here at this time just for that reason. I believe that deep inside everyone of us is a nugget of God's Grace that will, at the proper time, become manifest in us as we do our particular task(s) or it will be ignored and something else will grow in its place.

We are coming to a time when the battle for souls will be as never before and the forces of evil are already gathered and having an ever more deleterious effect on those who are not Holy Spirit filled. God's forces are also ready and there are signs all around that come in apparitions some see.

Soon, it will be most evident: One can be possessed of 'Spirit', either Holy Spirit, or Evil Spirit and it will be a Perfect Possession at some point, and in one way or the other...period. 

Whether one is "F***ed" or not is exclusively a relative observation.

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