Valid form of the Sacrament
I recently started attending instructional classes at a local shrine for altar serving at the Traditional Latin Mass. This is literally the only place in my diocese where the Extraordinary Form is offered. It was being celebrated on Sundays, Wednesdays and Holy Days of Obligation. Now the Wednesday Mass has been removed from the schedule.

During the second class which took place this morning, the man who is instructing us pointed out that this particular bottle of wine was for Father So-and-so, while this bottle of special grape juice was for Father Blank.

I immediately asked wether the nice bottle of special 100% grape juice qualified as proper and valid form for what should be wine used during Mass.

I was told that our loca ordinary had granted some sort of dispensation because Father Blank could not consume alcohol.

It is my understanding that fermented grape juice must be used. What say ye, Fishies?
I apologize, I meant to say "proper/valid Matter."

I also have another question.

J see a lot of people now with an intolerance to gluten. They typically receive a special host. From what I hear, these are gluten-free. Is that possible, since the matter needed for consecration is wheat bread?

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