Raymond Arroyo Will Interview Cardinal Kasper
That was a very good interview--not weak at all.

What does Kasper means by being hurt by the book contra his proposal? One responds a book with another book! That is dialogue!
I think that Raymond Arroyo handled the interview very well. He asked a lot of very good questions and expressed understandable concern when it came to how Cardinal Kasper's plan could potentially be implemented.
I was wrong.

I agree with the positive assessments of Raymond Arroyo's assertiveness.
Serve me up some crow… Mr. Arroyo did a good job. He was a little soft on the question of the first marriage but all-in-all, pretty good.
National Catholic Register Wrote:ARROYO: As you look at the situation now, as you see the African bishops, the Polish bishops, the U.S. bishops saying there shouldn’t be a change in either practice or doctrine — you have people writing, signing petitions begging the Church fathers not to make any changes, are you confident that change might happen?

CARDINAL KASPER: Well, that’s one side, but there are many petitions also on the other; and since I know many cardinals, I know many bishops who are more on my side …

ARROYO: Your Eminence, I know you brought this proposal forward and have submitted it to the body of bishops, and you have really been out advertising it and trying to expose people to your proposal all over the world. Do you feel any responsibility for the phenomenon that people have written to me about, priests particularly, of divorced-and-remarried couples, gay couples presenting themselves after Mass and saying, “We want Communion; you should allow us to have Communion. This is clearly what the Pope wants.” Do you feel any personal responsibility for that phenomenon?

CARDINAL KASPER: Well, this is a misunderstanding, and, first of all, it was a question, and I put the question to open the debate. It’s not a proposal. And, therefore, of course a couple can come and want holy Communion. I spoke about a penitential process, a penitential way. It needs time …

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/car...z3cSHM3XPw

ARROYO: But there’s already a penitential process. I mean, there is already the canonical process of nullity, yes?

CARDINAL KASPER: Yeah, the nullity process is one thing; I am not this. A process of nullity: This is one thing …

ARROYO: So this is another process?

CARDINAL KASPER: This is another process, but if people, well, if they have the statement of nullity, they can come to holy Communion: That’s clear.

ARROYO: But you do understand, when a Churchman like yourself, a theologian, an esteemed international figure, a Curial official says: “Here is my proposal, and the Pope agrees with me” that does cause some …

CARDINAL KASPER: Well, this I did not say. 

ARROYO: Well you did say, and the quote is: “Clearly this is what he wants,” and the Pope has approved of my proposal. Those were the quotes from the time …

CARDINAL KASPER:  No … he did not approve my proposal. The Pope wanted that I put the question [forward], and, afterwards, in a general way, before all the cardinals, he expressed his satisfaction with my talk. But not the end, not in the … I wouldn’t say he approved the proposal, no, no, no.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/car...z3cSHTqcL9
(url: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/car...l-proposal)
Good! Arroyo has the Cardinal denying his own words.

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