NGO Monitor Reveals How Catholic Aid Societies "Attack Israel"

From Israel National News:

Analysis Details Catholic 'Charities' War on Israel
NGO Monitor reveals how largely tax-funded Catholic aid societies channel funds to politicized NGOs attacking Israel.

By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 6/2/2015, 7:48 PM

The Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor on Tuesday released a detailed analysis of how Catholic charity NGOs operating in Israel are propping up political campaigns to delegitimize and economically attack Israel.

Focusing on the period from 2008 and 2014, the analysis found that 7.4 million euros (approximately $8.2 million) were allocated by ten Catholic charities to 37 NGOs that feature an extreme anti-Israel bent and take part in the BDS movement to boycott the Jewish state.

Vox Wrote:
Where "extreme anti-Israel bent" likely means anything from pointing out Israeli hypocrisy when it comes to Jewish activists forcing immigration onto Europe while keeping Israel a, by law, Jewish state, or pointing out how they treat Ethiopian Jews, or speaking out against the power of AIPAC over the American Congress, etc. And as to boycotts, it's fine for Israel and for Jews to boycott entire nations. See for the story of how Jews across the world boycotted Germany. And, of course, boycotting and sanctioning South Africa, after they ceased to be useful to Israel, was just fine (see ). As with just about everything having to do with Eretz Israel, "some animals are more equal than others." 

The Catholic charities included Caritas Internationalis as well as Caritas members in the UK, US, the Netherlands, Canada, France and Ireland, as well as three other groups in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

"In the Arab-Israeli context, Catholic aid charities distribute funds to NGOs that enflame conflict, dehumanize Israelis, and delegitimize Israel," said NGO Monitor's chief programs officer Yitzhak Santis.

Vox Wrote:Hmmm... what NGOs would that be? What do they mean by "enflame conflict," "dehumanize Israelis," and "delegitimize Israel"? You can't take them ("they" being Jewish leaders, not "the Jews") at their word when it comes to stuff like this because to them, the the Church is anti-semitic, the Gospel of John is as well, passion plays were the cause of Nazism, blah blah blah.

According to Santis, "this funding is contrary to the powerful message sent by Pope Francis during his visit in May 2014, of the Vatican's recognition of the right of the Jewish people to sovereign equality in a state of their own."

So where do the Catholic aid charities get their funding from to be distributed to these politicized NGOs?

NGO Monitor revealed that a majority of the budgets come from various governments, with most of them being European. In this way taxpayer dollars and euros are funneled by the Catholic aid societies not to humanitarian NGOs to provide assistance as they were earmarked for, but rather to politicized organizations using their funds to delegitimize and attack Israel.

The radical NGOs include Zochrot, Coalition for Women for Peace (CWP), as well as Breaking the Silence, which uses unverifiable anonymous "testimonies" to delegitimize Israel and claim war crimes charges against it.

Vox Wrote:

"Testimonies" in quotes. Hey, I've got some "testimonies" in quotes for you. Check this out:

Zochrot has gone on record supporting a "one state" solution consisting of a "de-Zionized Palestine," and got a full 35% of its budget from the Catholic organizations between 2012 and 2015.

CWP is a leader of the global BDS movement calling to boycott Israel, and its officials took part in an event in which they flew flags of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization.

"Last week Pope Francis was quoted as saying that 'anyone who does not recognize the Jewish people and the State of Israel - and their right to exist - is guilty of anti-Semitism,'" recalled Santiz.

Vox Wrote:The "right to exist" of whom? The Jewish people? Of course they have a "right to exist." As do we all. But the "right" of a country to exist? Countries have rights? Popes before the Council, as would every rabbi that lived before the 19th c., and as do "Torah True Jews" today would all deny that Eretz Israel has a "right to exist." IF Pope Francis said that -- and when it comes to the media, there's always an "if" -- doubly so when dealing with something a Pope or other high-ranking Catholic is alleged to have said -- but IF Pope Francis said that, then he is calling Popes Pius X and XII, etc. "anti-semites."

Me, I think Eretz Israel is a done deal, so whatever. But I believe the Palestinians should have a State as well, and I believe that the U.S. should not allow itself to be led about by the nose by Israeli politicians and interest groups. That, of course, makes me an "anti-semite," as well, but if that's the definition, then I wear the label proudly.  I mean, the only other options are to say what I don't believe, or to wear the label in unwarranted shame. So, there ya go.

He concluded, "the Pope's statement is fundamentally correct. NGO Monitor urges the Vatican to act on the Pope's words by calling upon Catholic aid agencies to cease funding those NGOs that are working to delegitimize Israel and deny the Jewish people the right to sovereign equality."

Vox Wrote:
They have "sovereign equality" as a people with a nation that is recognized and that has an army and nukes and all that. The people who aren't recognized as having a right to "sovereign equality" are the Palestinians over there. Many of whom are Christian, BTW (said for any Evangelical reading over our shoulders).
Vox Wrote:
They have "sovereign equality" as a people with a nation that is recognized and that has an army and nukes and all that. The people who aren't recognized as having a right to "sovereign equality" are the Palestinians over there. Many of whom are Christian, BTW (said for any Evangelical reading over our shoulders).

I was hoping that you were going to mention that.  Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land accounted for almost 40% of all Palestinians in 1948.  Today, they are less than 9% and the number keeps dropping.  This is the scandal the pro-Israel cheerleaders ignore completely. (source: Laura Robson, Colonialism and Christianity in Mandate Palestine, p.162)

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