Our Lady Chivalry
Mary is beautiful in herself as the moon, radiates her brilliance as the sun; but against “the enemy” she is formidable; terrible as an army arrayed for war.  Venerable Pope Pius XII

[Image: OurLadyofChivalryCover.png]

Learn about the devotion that knights, soldiers and other warriors have had to Most Blessed Virgin Mary going back to the 7th century and how she has often provided both her loving protection and her aid to grant them victory over their enemies!  Learn how Mary has been invoked even during the most ancient battles for the soul of Europe against the rages of Islam, and how through the invocation of Mary  miracles saved France during the hundred year war.  Learn the history of the Saturday Fast started in England in honor the Mother of God and how important the Wedding Garment of the Virgin Mary was to Knights, among other important topics to understand the history of devotion to Our Blessed Lady Queen of Heaven and Earth.

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I'm looking forward to this one!  It's always a highlight of my month when I get your CD.
I am glad to hear it.  Thank you for the support  :)

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