What Latin Missal? Angelus or Baronius?
Hi everyone,

What is your preferred Latin missal? I have a St. Joseph that I'm using right now that I honestly don't like using. It has a weird translation (I think confraternity) and its a little too old. I thought about getting a different missal but it really seems like the two best missals are Angelus Press and Baronius.

So, which missal is your favorite? Baronius or Angelus?

Also, does anyone have an extra one that they may be willing to sell or get rid of to someone who will prayerfully use it?

Thank you all so very much and God bless!
I have one of each. I prefer the Angelus, my wife prefers the Baronius.

The Angelus is a little lighter. The Baronius seems a little sturdier.

The contents seem to be mostly identical to me. Oh, the Angelus has some song notations at the end. The Baronius has a bunch of local feast propers. If that stuff matters to you.

So... I'd go with whichever one you can get for cheaper.

Angleus has 10% off coupon codes every month that they post on Twitter, and I think the shipping might be free. 

Edit to add: Try this coupon code 10TW2015 at angeluspress.org
I've been thinking about investing in a missal, but I get lazy since the two churches I go to always have the little red Ecclesia Dei books and then typically have print outs for the changing parts. The thing is, that when I travel, it's not a sure thing. I know I can easily just load up divinumofficium, but there's something weird about holding my cell phone in my hand during Mass.
I use the Baronius. It's a lovely book. I feel like I still always find new things in there of interest after a year of using it. The Angelus Press version looks more economical.
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