Does it Matter if Medjugorje is true or not?
(06-15-2015, 05:30 AM)Poche Wrote:
(06-15-2015, 12:09 AM)Dirigible Wrote:
(06-14-2015, 11:24 PM)Poche Wrote: Does It Matter If Medjugorje Is Real or Not?

Why waste your time on something that is false?

I'm sorry, but...

Does it matter if Protestantism is true or not? Why waste your time on something that is false?
Exactly my point
:) :) :)

Then you've confused me.  :P
(06-12-2015, 11:46 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote:
Quote:We can talk about how Medjugorje is a smorgasbord of red flags, and it will still have its ardent defenders. When I last spoke about these things on Facebook, one fellow asked me:

Why are you upset about thousands of people finding Jesus through Mary? Why is that evil? You're really not making much sense to me.

I really, really hate that style of arguing. "Um, yeah, that's it. I'm totally against people finding Jesus through Mary. Boy howdy, how embarrassing! Yeah, you really nailed me there! Got me good! You win!"  It's disingenuous, unnecessarily puts its recipients on the defensive, and is a lie to begin with.

And another woman agreed, asking:

Why so negative? What's the harm?
Whether Mary appears there or not it is a beautiful, peaceful, prayerful and life changing pilgrimage for many. To gather in prayer and worship at Mass with pilgrims from all over the world is an awesome privilege and blessing.
I'm guessing Mama Mary is happy her children come to this place from all over the world in pilgrimage to bring their petitions to the foot of her love, sincerity and true devotion. I doubt she is shaking her head in disgust or shame and calling it all a fraud. She is probably just so happy to see her babies flocking to be near her *whether she appears there or not*. Wouldn't you say?

Does Truth mean nothing any more? What about the idea that one can't do evil so that good might come from it? That is basic Catholic Moral Teaching 101, the thing you'd learn on the first day if you were to take a course in Catholic moral thinking.

While I'd guess that Our Lady is happy to see her children trying to gather around her, and while I don't doubt that the motives of many "Medgugorjians" are good, that they are well-intentioned, the Truth is what it is, and it matters very, very much -- especially since some of the ideas attributed to the BVM are incompatible with Catholic teaching.
It's also pure Kantianism: who cares if this is true, at least we're all acting nicely and "morally." Bring the logic forward enough and you end up with: who cares if God exists? At least we're all kumbaya. A total divorce not only between faith and reason but between reason and truth.

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