Pope backs sainthood candidacy of 'anti-Semitic' priest
Okay, I'm gonna buck the trend a bit here.  I should preface by saying that I don't know the life of this priest, and he most likely had a lot of good and saintly qualities; however, I think that if the following quotes indeed were true and in context, that's pretty bad.  I know all my Jewish friends would take issue with that - whether you think that's important or not, that's another topic.  I'm not a fan of ecumenism run amok, but no matter how I dissect these quotes, I can't really justify them.  It's over-generalization, and to be honest, wrong, even taken in context of those times.  It's akin to saying that slavery in America was fine, when taken "in context" of the times.  There were those who stood up against such evil ideologies even during those times, and I think it's wrong to simply say that it's just a product of the times.  Anyway, just my $0.02.

Quote:In his 1898 "Social Catechism", Dehon wrote that Jews "have maintained their hatred of Christ and... willingly favor all the enemies of the Church."

According to French newspaper reports from 2005, he described the Talmud as the "manual of the bandit, corruptor, social destroyer" and anti-Semitism as a "sign of hope".

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