Catholic Podcast/Radio?
Anyone know of any good free Catholic podcasts or talk shows I could listen to. I spend 8 hours a day working maintenance at a golf course so I listen to a lot of stuff. Is there anything like Michael Voris's Vortex that's just audio. I just finished One True Faith and also listen to Catholic Answers, EWTN, Catholic Stuff You Should Know, Three Dogs North but I'm running out of material. Any suggestions?

P.s. Audio only, video takes too much battery and data

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There's this site with some good audiobooks (Librivox also has some interesting Catholic books). There's this one with some very good sermons. Also, you must know Fr. Ripperger (check out his exorcism stuff—he does not engage one's curiosity, but still relate some sinister stuff; after listening to him I always walk around with a Benedictine medal). There's this one which is more on the radio format, nothing very deep but interesting (and they don't seem to update it very often). There's Fr. Relyea Lenten mission, which some people don't like it saying its too strong, but to my simple mind its good. There's a podcast that is not really Catholic but still its quite good if you like history, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History--he just finished a massive series on WWI, in memory of its centenary.
Also, you can convert videos into audio (that's what I do with videos of just a guy talking or images). If you have ffmpeg its just “ffmpeg -i input output”, with the proper endings.
Thanks Renatus that's quite helpful. You have been a great help to me on these fourms in the past few days. God bless you.

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I tried to check all the links above to keep from duplicating.

Audio Sancto--sermons and retreats by FSSP priests

And this should be the Institute of Catholic Culture library

And one last one: Pro Eclesia et Pontifice
Check out the Tim Haines Show.  It is a podcast that is pretty good.  He also has some other audio shows but I haven't heard them.  He is pro-tradition but not a fan of 'toxic trads' so to speak. 

He can be found on

Catholic fire side chats with Charles Colombe, and William Biersach are really good. Not only are they informative, they're also very entertaining. They certainly helped me a lot.  :grin:

The link.

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