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Some of you may be aware I am a recent revert back to the Church in the last few years. It's basically been all new for me accept for the basics because when I left the church it was when I was very young. Now that I am coming back iv been trying to learn as much as I can about the Church and its teaching but I'm struggling with understanding some things. I listen to a lot of apologetics, talks from Priests, read articles and participate on this forum and CA forum (although I prefer FishEaters). My problem is I'm getting confused on a lot of stuff. Some Priests and apologists have no problem with the NO mass and some do. Some people seem to think Vatican 2 destroyed the Church and going to the NO mass is wrong. And then there are little things. For example I just finished Fr. Isaacs Rayleas sermon on Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven and he seems to be of the opinion that everything from games to modern movies are from hell and if you watch them you go to hell. He also seems to be of the opinion that the Church is infested with bad priests (which I understand) but how am I suppose to know if a priest is bad or not? I got Fr. Raylea over here saying that if you play fantasy games your get attacked by demons but then I got other apologists and priests saying that it all depends on if your able to discern fiction from reality and not let it become an obsession. The. I got Fr. Raylea saying that if you read bad books your sinning, but for my degree I have to read plenty of bad books by evil authors such as Voltaire or Mill. Can someone help me clarify? I don't want to be scrupulous or fall into despair, but at the same time I don't want to be messing around with stuff that could be dangerous. How should one balance these things. 

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Even in the days of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, one engaged in academic research could easily be dispensed to read prohibited books. As long as you're well grounded n the Faith and there is no danger in your reading them, you're fine.
Pray and go to mass as often as possible and frequent the sacraments. That's a start, and a great one. Ask Our Lady to help you, make that consecration to her, and ask God for help. My two centavos.
(06-16-2015, 12:57 PM)GrottoAl Wrote: Pray and go to mass as often as possible and frequent the sacraments. That's a start, and a great one. Ask Our Lady to help you, make that consecration to her, and ask God for help. My two centavos.

This ^^^^^ first and foremost.

Next don't put to much pressure on yourself, find where your are comfortable and slowly become aclimmated.

What I found useful when reverting were listening to the One True Faith podcasts. That may help you or you may find something else that works better for you, there is no one correct answer.
Stay away from hardline fire and brimstone stuff like what Father Isaac Realya preaches unless it's really truly helpful for you.

Pray, find a devotional life that works for you and stick with it. For me it's the Office and the Jesus Prayer. Consistency is the key. You need something to fall back on no matter what, something that gets you through your daily grind that helps you see things in a supernatural way.

Like others have said its not a one size fits all solution so try different things and find something you can stick to.
There are certain games that are simply wrong, say, Russian roulette. But even more “innocent” games like invoking spirits/ghosts is a sin. There's no way around it.
About books: it depends on your level and why you are reading it. If you feel that reading Prots or neoatheists is shaking up your faith, then you're putting your soul in danger and this is a sin (5th commandment, and I know of persons who were basically orthodox but went on to study “comparative religions” and today are heterodox—even though they still go up the line to receive communion they have lost the faith because it takes one sin against faith to lose faith). If your soul is not in danger then the only danger you're open to is waste of time.
Fr. Relyae does say we should burn Prot stuff, but he's speaking in general. Some people need to read that in order to refute it.
About fantasy games and other “innocent stuff”, there is some debate. For instance, the majority of exorcists say Harry Potter is not good reading for children (and its bad reading for adults because its simply crappy), but still some folks say its no problem, because Tolkien (never mind the obvious differences, stick to the letter).
I don't know, in the end don't people just leave this need for fantasy games and Harry Potter type of stuff (in exchange for sins against chastity  :grin:  )?

About the crisis in the Church, one has to deal with it. Find a good parish with a solid priest. Even bad priests can consecrate the Eucharist and forgive sins, so don't fret about that too much. Fr. Wolfe (one of the links on your other thread) has some good talks on the crisis, very level headed, I would recommend those (he's FSSP). But yes, in the end nothing is substitute for personal piety: the sacraments and mental prayer especially.
(06-16-2015, 05:18 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote: I don't know, in the end don't people just leave this need for fantasy games and Harry Potter type of stuff (in exchange for sins against chastity  :grin:  )?

Based solely on what I've witnessed, the current culture actively encourages a prolonged adolescence (especially in men).  For every man I know who's put away childish things I can name at least 10 adult males who still indulge in fantasy.
Thanks everyone. That's helpful stuff. I have alerting with my Parish priest on Thursday for spiritual direction.

As far as fire and brimstone preaching, I don't mind it. Granted I don't want it all the time but I think it's good here and there to get a good slap in the face.

One True Faith is great Iv listened to all of it!

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A meeting*** not alerting

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I don't get much from the fire and brimstone type of approach to things at all. I see God as much more merciful and loving than some do, it seems. Different types of preachers and Saints are good for some folks, and not so good for others, plain and simple. Many of our Saints didn't even like each other that much! There are many paths to the One Path to the Father, Who is Christ. Find the Saints that "resonate" with you, who edify you and help you feel closer to God, and stick with their writings and patronage. Simply chalk the others as "maybe good for some folks, but not for ME."

To get a handle on the various trad approaches to things, see this page: http://www.fisheaters.com/traditionalcatholicism.html

My two cents:  forget about the goings-on in the human element of the Church. Find a TLM if you have one. If you don't, go to the best NO you can find -- or perhaps try to get the TLM going in your parish (see http://www.fisheaters.com/tlmsetup.html ). (On second thought, maybe doing the sort of work in getting a TLM going in your parish isn't something you should be focusing on right NOW, at this stage of your life. Wait 'til your confusion is worked out and you're at peace, then worry about that sort of thing).

'Til then, develop a strong prayer life, one not just consisting of formal prayer, but also -- mostly -- on simply talking to God. Focus on your own spiritual growth, on loving Our Lord, on loving your neighbor -- on acts of mercy, on charity and service. Trust in Jesus, that His Church is "THE Church," and that all will be well. Just trust Him.


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