Wanna hear a joke?
Hey Sir Charles, I saw this and thought of your boys...  LOL


edit: It's doing all sorts of crazy things when I try to embed it. Hopefully the link will work?
That's funny, thanks for the laugh PM. LOL

And it's perfect timing, because my middle boy got in trouble at school for writing "fart" instead of his name on his class work. Then when his teacher asked him to stop, he tried saying "but my name IS Fart."

But the joke's on him, cuz now he lost dessert and has to write "I won't say or write inappropriate words" 100 times. Grin
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I guess this isn't a family friendly hardware store.

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This may have already been posted somewhere on this forum, but:

Mother Angelica once said that someone told her, "My priest is not a very good homilist." Mother asked her how much she put in the offering plate on Sundays. "A quarter," she replied. "What do you expect to get with a quarter? Bishop Sheen?"
West Indian definition.

Deceitful. Someone is occupying the chair next to you.

"Excuse me, sir. May I sit here?"
"Nah, mon. Deceitful."
Any Fishies in North Carolina?

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I know, I'm wrong...
Q: What do Canadian school children get for a good grade?

A: Eh.
(10-11-2016, 05:08 PM)Sir Charles Napier Wrote: Q: What do Canadian school children get for a good grade?

A: Eh.

This is true. If the child gets an F, there is an additional note saying, "Sorry."

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