Don't "Article-Blast"

Don't Be a Lazy, Disrespectful Debater

Please, when you are involved in a debate, think things through and write your own responses. Do NOT "article-blast," by which I mean: do not post lengthy articles from elsewhere to make your points for you.

Go through such articles and be selective in quoting from them. Use such articles as citations. Reference them if they're well-known. Provide links to them for further reading. But don't be slothful and copy-paste entire 12-page articles and treat them as "your" argument. Use your own thoughts and your own words in a debate, and be respectful of other people's time.

Few people have the time to read page after page after page of long, scholarly articles, and it's especially problematic -- a huge waste of others' time, the very "stuff" of their lives -- when the point you are trying to make is contained in a mere few sentences or paragraphs of those articles. Engage in some cherry-picking of the good kind. Please.

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