Anyone hear anything at Mass about the recent SCOTUS decision?
Homily online at link below; scroll down a little from this to listen to homily

I went to the "Contemporary Worship" Mass at a NO parish I have been attending a lot, because they offer Mass at later times. Funny thing, before the homily was delivered by the deacon, the priest got up and read aloud the USCCB statement regarding the ruling and then proceeded to spend the next six minutes talking about his disappointment in the ruling and encouraged Catholics to retain their faith and continue to lovingly defend the true definition of marriage as a Sacrament between one man and one woman.

Needless to say, I was very impressed and also depressed when I found out that my own parish (during their Spanish Mass) said zilch, nada about the ruling.

Very disappointed in my home parish.
Following the recent US Supreme Court decision, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne of Lima offered strong criticism of same-sex marriage, calling it “imperialism, colonialism,” according to a Peruvian media report.

History will judge whether we are bequeathing “a better world or a really sad world,” he added, recalling that history has made judgments in the cases of the Nazi regime and Islamic terrorism.
I was out of town and at the parish I went to the priest read a statement from his bishop (it was along the same lines as the USCCB one).  I've been to this parish a few times in the past when traveling and I'm sure the priests there would have addressed it themselves if the bishop hadn't required them to convey something he prepared.
I live in Denmark so it might not be surprising. The priests were encouraging prayer for the persecution of Christians in Syria and in other places.
I went to the 10:30 AM Mass, as our FSSP parish has one at 8AM as well. The priest, our soon-to-be-transferred Assistant Pastor said that he was going to speak on the topic, but he got so emotional he couldn't even finish it during the 8AM Mass. Instead his sermon for the 10:30 AM Mass was on the virtue of patience. In other related news about it, both of our priests led a Rosary for the country out in the church's newly blessed prayer garden a week prior to the ruling, and led a similar one on July 4. There was also a prayer they said for our country following the Rosary.
Yesterday, at the Vigil Mass, the priest alluded to the SCOTUS decision on gay "marriage" in his homily, but only very obliquely.  I think he really missed a golden opportunity here to discuss what marriage really is and should be.  I hope and pray it wasn't out of lack of knowledge or lack of agreement with what the Church teaches, or out of fear of some kind of backlash. Unsure
(06-29-2015, 04:04 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: Just out of curiosity I'm interested in knowing just how many of you heard about the whole Gay marriage decision at Mass last Sunday.. I was not able to make it to any Sunday Mass this last week but I'm interested in knowing how it went down when it came time for the sermon or the announcements. Anyone hear anything remotely condemnatory? Any bishops you know of speak out against it,and I don't just mean the too little too late collective letter of the USCCB but individual bishops.

Yea, the priests at the Masses that we went to did condemn the decision, in no uncertain terms, one over 4th of July weekend, no less.  We were pleased to see that.
It took a couple of weeks but I heard something.
The priest took his homily from the prophet Amos stating that he was called by God to prophesy where God sent him and from Jesus sending his disciples out into the world to preach the Gospel. He said that while we don't like to offend other people we do have to say the truth. He said that marriage is between one man and one woman and that marriage is indissoluble. He also said that this also applies to parents because parents are supposed to be their childrens' parent and not their friends. He also said that when parents rebuke their children it is not a sin. However the main theme was that "gay" marriage is not what marriage is.   

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