Ivories (and Wooden) Christian Images From Goa and the Philippines
(07-04-2015, 06:47 AM)Neopelagianus Wrote: An ivory carving of the same subject, with Chinese influence from the Philippines (She looks like Guan Yin, the Chinese pagan goddess of mercy)

[Image: 4043113745_4d536fbf9b.jpg]
I stand corrected. This is not Philippine made, but rather it came from Macau.

(07-04-2015, 06:45 AM)Neopelagianus Wrote: An ivory carving of the Madonna from China:

[Image: 2007BP9414_virgin_child_ivory_custom_290...350924.jpg]

The V&A Museum got it wrong. It is not Chinese, rather, it is Filipino. The back part has the drapery tuck specific only to images of Philippine make.

[Image: 10384123_759210054114235_323087351225356...7db30d2d3e]
That statue you just showed in the quote to give more information on it is really beautiful.

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