Why the consecration of the whole world along with Russia in 1984?�
From the World Apostolate of Fatima:

Quote:By William Sockey (World Apostolate of Fatima)
Why did Pope St. John Paul II, on March 25, 1984, consecrate the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and not just Russia alone, even though Our Lady of Fatima requested only the consecration of Russia? To answer this question we must first ask the question: “Why did Our Lady of Fatima request the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart by the Pope in union with all the bishops of the Catholic Church?”

Our Lady warned at Fatima that the world was threatened with punishment for its sins, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. She warned that a Second World War would start during the pontificate of Pope Pius XI. She said,

To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

The reason Our Lady requested the consecration of Russia by the Pope and bishops of the Catholic Church was to prevent World War II and to prevent communist Russia from spreading their atheist ideology throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church, the martyrdom of the good, the suffering of the Holy Father and the annihilation of various nations.

To whom did Our Lady make this request? On June 13, 1929, Our Lady appeared to Sister Lucia in the chapel of her convent and said, “The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in union with all the Bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.” The request was not made to St. John Paul II, or to any random pope at some time in the future! No, the request was made to Pope Pius XI!

If Pope Pius XI had made the consecration of Russia in union with all the bishops of the Church, the following things would have resulted:

Russia would have been converted before amassing the power to spread the errors of atheistic Communism all over the world.
There would have been no World War II, through which Russia captured half of Europe, gaining the economic means to infect the world with atheistic Communism.
There would have been no Soviet Union, no Red China, no communist North Korea, no communist Vietnam, no communist Cuba, and no Christian martyrs in those countries.
There would have been no Russian supported communist uprisings and revolutions throughout the world, in Africa, South America and Asia.
Christian countries would not have been morally and spiritually undermined by Soviet propaganda.
There would have been peace throughout the world during the second half of the twentieth century!
The West would have been better united and morally and spiritually stronger for meeting the threat of Islamic terrorism, and acting more effectively against it.
Pope Pius XI failed to make the consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady. Great suffering resulted from this, for the world and for the Church. Sister Lucia said Our Lord spoke to her in an intimate communication, saying “They did not wish to heed my request…they will repent and do it, but it will be late. Russia will already have spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and the persecution of the Church; the Holy Father will have much to suffer.”
The consecration would be made, eventually, but it would be too late to prevent the evils foretold by Our Lady if the consecration was not made in time.

When St. John Paul II was recuperating in the hospital, after the assassination attempt on his life, he made a careful study of the Message of Fatima. It was obvious that the consecration of Russia requested of Pope Pius XI had not been made, and the evils and suffering foretold by Our Lady and Our Lord had come to pass. World War II was long over, Russia had grown and expanded its power, becoming the atheistic Soviet Union. Russian propaganda had infected the whole world – even Catholic countries – with a spirit of rebellion against God’s laws and the Christian faith, with publicly accepted and promoted atheism and immorality.

Realizing that the damage we were warned about had now been done, St. John Paul II saw that it could no longer be prevented. The question that faced the Pope was, what did the Message of Fatima teach us that could now be done effectively to counter and repair the spiritual and moral damage done to the world and the Church following World War II? Evidently, the Holy Father decided, with the grace and spiritual authority of the papacy, that because the consecration had not been done in time, what was now needed was a consecration of the whole world.

Our Lady did not say the whole world would be converted by the consecration of Russia, only that Russia would be converted before it would infect the whole world with atheism, immorality and the spirit of rebellion against the established civil order. The Pope apparently judged, reasonably, that in 1984 the conversion of Russia would only prevent further infection of the world by the errors of Russia, but would not repair the damage already done. And the damage already done was extremely grave! It was the Holy Father’s judgment that the whole world now needed the powerful help of Our Lady to counter the errors of Russia already established and active in the world: influencing world governments to approve abortion and all sorts of immoral behavior as protected and celebrated human rights.

So, St. John Paul II asked all the Catholic bishops of the Church to join him in consecrating the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with special prayers for those countries such as Russia that particularly needed her intercession. Sister Lucia said the 1984 consecration was accepted by God, the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia officially returned to the Christian faith. Today daily prayer and Christian instruction are required in Russian public schools. In a public ceremony broadcast throughout Russia, President Vladimir Putin and his political staff kissed the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan, the holiest Image of Our Lady as Queen of Russia.

This is not to say that Putin is a saint, or that Russia is now a great political ally of the United States. They aren’t. But the fact remains that today Russia is officially “Christian” and there is no longer a Soviet Union bent on enslaving other nations under atheistic regimes.

But what good has that done for the United States? The errors of Russia continue to influence the corruption of our culture and the other formerly Christian cultures of the world. At least we no longer have the power and influence of the Soviet Union continuing to promote international atheism by ideology and by conquest. It’s now up to Catholics in every country to learn, live and spread the Message of Fatima in order to fulfill Our Lady’s primary request for prayer and penance in order to bring about the conversion of sinners, and in by this means to obtain the blessing of peace. It’s no longer a question of what Our Lady asked the Pope to do. He has done all he could. It is now a question of what Our Lady asked the rest of us to do, which is summarized in the WAF Pledge.

William Sockey is the custodian of the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue.

That certainly spins it in the best possible light, doesn't it?
What an astonishing article. It takes the blessing of consecration and applies a sort of health-and-wealth prosperity-gospel to its effects.

After all, the article basically says this:

"If only we'd consecrated Russia in 1917! The Kaiser would've stopped being a cynical politically-minded emperor and wouldn't have sent Lenin on his mission to Russia! The anarchists of S. Petersburg would've stopped agitating! The peasants in the fields would have stopped starving to death and desiring change! Everyone's mind would've been changed immediately, and no Revolution would've occurred! We'd have no martyrs!"

I think the wish that we'd have had no Christian martyrs is the most telling one. The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church. Maybe all the martyrs in the last 100 years have been the only grace keeping us afloat after the disasters of the 1960s-1970s. To desire a sort of "pacem in terris" via Marian consecration of Russia is fantasy. Life is always fraught with ill and sin. We cannot deny reality. Benny Hinn's religion is not the ancient Catholic faith.

Anyway, Democracy long ago became atheistic and totalitarian. Russia's just a drop in the pond. Sometimes I thank God that Fatima is merely approved and is not an obligatory devotion. Ah, the stuff people see in it!
Well, St. Paul entreated Timothy to pray ”For kings, and for all that are in high station: that we may lead a quiet and a peaceable life in all piety and chastity. “ So I wouldn't necessarily say its wrong to desire a peace on earth and tranquility for us Christians. This isn't health and wealth (unless health and wealth is what St. Paul teaches).

Now, its a fact that Russia has spread her errors, at least in the form of Liberation Theology—that for decades now dominates the seminaries here in Brazil (and I tend to interpret Our Lady's claim that the dogma of the faith will not die in Portugal as a promise for we down here, since our faith was handed from Portugal; and being a monarchist myself and given the fact that the royal family moved here I don't see the empire divided as those liberal revolutionaries tend to see it). And of course, the ostpolitick adopted by the Vatican since John XXIII is shameful.
Not to mention that, who is to say Russia still has some errors to spread? I get a bit eerie when I see Catholics too quickly jumping on the Putin train. Also, why must there be always these alternatives? Liberal democracy or Russia? The opposite of Russia is not liberal democracy. Why not take Dugin at his word and proposed some fifth political theory: not liberalism, not communism, not fascism and not Putinism.

Anyway, I'd personally be more careful before disregarding our Lady. If she doesn't want you in Heaven you're not going there, you know. (but of course she wants, and she is in Heaven and without sin she loves you perfectly; what I mean is she is not some old lady and she wouldn't appear with no reason, as is not the custom of God to make this sort of thing).

That said, I also didn't like the article very much :P . Problem is, some people just fetishize Fatima and dream of a millennial kingdom.

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