A Girl's Message to All Catholics

I kind of needed that today

:)  What a lovely girl.  And note one of the comments: "I was losing my faith in the human race until I saw this video." The "little things" matter. They add up. One post here, one post there. A Catholic book review here, a Catholic movie review there. A few bucks given to a homeless guy in the Name of Christ. It all adds up.

We're NOT helpless, even if it feels like it sometimes. And we're not charged with "changing the world." We're charged with changing ourselves -- allowing ourselves to BE changed by the Holy Ghost and grace -- and doing what we can, even if it seems "little." Ste. Therese laid all that out pretty well :P
Wow.  That was awesome.  I literally never thought of it that way.  That God looked at each and everyone of us and appointed us each to a time and place on earth with a specific task to fulfill.  The idea that He would do this and not supply us with the necessary graces is obviously crazy!  All of us have been chosen to be witnesses to Our Lord Jesus Christ at this most godless, darkest time in human history.  What a Cross - but what an honor!  I need to get my sorry a** into the confessional ASAP!

I forwarded this to a number of people.  Thanks for posting it.

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