July is the month dedicated to Our Lord's Precious Blood--questions
I just found out that July is the month dedicated to Our Lord's Precious Blood. And I only recently found out that there are special graces during these times dedicated to these aspects of our faith, and that these are happening all the time!

What exactly should we do for this month?

Are devotions something we can do temporarily during the appropriate time--so that for July one would engage in the Devotion to the Precious Blood, but at another time, we would engage in a different Devotion?

Are there particular prayers for each month--i found this out in May when our priest said the Rosary has additional graces attached to it.

Thanks so much!!!!

I tried looking for something all in one place for you, but no dice.  However, if you combine what you find in this PDF with this page from the main FishEaters site you'll have what you're looking for.

For example, as you said, July is dedicated to the Precious Blood.  From the Raccolta, we see that you could gain a partial indulgence every day by reciting the Chaplet of the Precious Blood and possibly (due to the changes to indulgences under the new Code of Cannon Law it may not still be in effect) a plenary indulgence during the month.  There's also ejaculations, Seven Offerings, an Act of Oblation, etc all indulgenced.
Thank you so much, DCMaccabbees. I had looked into the Raccolta before but found it a bit overwhelming; being able to look with a purpose has opened it up for me! And I am learning a lot about the dedicated months.

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