Fav YouTube video
My brother showed this to me last week. Pretty damn funny.


It's in Spanish, but there are English subtitles.  Grin
I can't watch this without smiling:

I can't watch this without getting all verklempt at all these people experiencing this random, flash mob-given music (just look at the faces of the people in the crowd -- and listen to those voices!):

I can't watch this one without being amazed at God's creation:

I can't watch this one without feeling serious Italian American pride:

I can't watch this without feeling HAPPY. Something about this scene just knocks me out (if you've  never seen Cagney's "Yankee Doodle Dandy," DO IT! Great flick! "Charming" is the word for it. Pure charm.):

I can't watch this without laffing super hard (sorry, but it's true. I mean --the sounds, the way he holds his breath, and, most of all, the contrast between Girl Turtle's face and Boy Turtle's face):

For anyone into fitness this is the best back squat video I have ever found! 
I don't think I can watch that turtle video without being scarred for life. I hate sex scenes!  LOL

Here's one that I think everyone here can appreciate: novelty song 'Jesus in A Tortilla' accompanies by a slideshow ridiculous Christ likenesses. Holy Guacamole! I laugh every time.

I just caught this thread. Soccer is my family's sport. And even though she's an Argentina fan, and I follow Germany, I still like Messi.
This.  I laughed so hard...

Another good one.  I was actually disappointed when I saw it was an ad.

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While I'm on a roll, these guys make me laugh.  The accent is a bit tough to understand at times.

This seriously made my day

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