The Miraculous Medal of St. Benedict
[Image: StBenedictsMedal.png]

The St. Benedict's Medal is one of the most common and honored medals due to its immense power against evil spirits and the devil!  The powerful invocation of the Holy Cross and St. Benedict has performed a multitude of miracles for centuries going back to the time of St. Benedict himself. Learn about the history of the Miraculous Medal of St. Benedict, its design, and the numerous miracles associated with it, so that you might use this powerful sacramental to great effect against the snares of the devil, illness, and temptations.

All of these readings are from excerpts of The Medal or Cross of St. Benedict: Its Origin, Meaning and Privileges  by Dom. Prosper Gueranger OSB, published in 1880 is in the public domain. 

To Download or listen go here:
Interesting. I'll have it downloaded later.

I am going to own a four-foot statue of Saint Benedict, and it is a grace to listen to this. I must know more about the saint whose image I will be taking care of.


I haven't had any of these medals for awhile but I used to buy them by the bagful and get a trad priest to bless them correctly so I could attach them to rosaries I'd make, or I'd just give them away or place them where folks would find them.  The St. Benedict Medal is one of the most powerful sacramentals against demonic influence, probably about as powerful as one could get.

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