Progress in prayer
I of course didn't mean to suggest ONLY good books and not Sacraments, obedience, prayer, virtue, fasting, etc! Yikes, that would be bad! :LOL:

I meant it more in the sense that as we progress in the spiritual life or experience different things, such as tepidity, it is good to have a book that can explain what is going on clearly and what to do about it. It's clearly harder to do on our own since we often have a skewed perspective on ourselves. But if I were going along, having constant consolations in my prayer, and suddenly hit a dry spell, I would be confused! That's how a book might help if a director isn't around to clarify what's going on.
Books are good,as long as we remain humble. Honestly for most of us that's all we have. For me it's just books, the Office,Scripture, the Jesus Prayer and confession when I need it,usually once a month since I rarely commune. I've tried to get back into a Sunday Mass thing too, I mean it is an obligation, and although I do not have access these days to a Latin Mass there is still a grace that comes from going even if I just shut my eyes, finger my prayer rope and pray.

It would be nice to have a spiritual director, but really,its tough because the real ones don't advertise.

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