Bad Catholic?
Anyone follow Bad Catholic?

I used to read a few posts now and again but haven't in a while. Any thoughts?
I try to be a good Catholic
Hey, if Mother Teresa called herself a "bad Catholic" (as reported by John Zmirak in one of his hilarious Bad Catholic books), I think that most of us, then, fall into that class of Catholics. Unless you're one of those wankers who thinks that she was a hopeless modernist; in that case, go...
He's entertaining (read the post on Atlas Shrugged!).  He seems fairly neo-Catholic from my (brief) browsing, but not bad.
I've been reading through a number of posts that catch my interest. My basic conclusion is: he has some very good insights and is clearly a deep thinker. But he's also a very sloppy thinker (lack of distinctions, often unintentionally uses terms equivocally, goes to extremes for rhetorical effect or unjustly burdens phrases or words with negative connotations, such as modesty, naming/labeling/objectifying, subject, person, muddles logical form because of sidetracking--this is relevant to those posts where he explicitly sets out to argue some point), and it just sort of turns me off. But he does offer some good insights into Western culture that I appreciate a lot.

For example, try to make sense of what he's saying in this paragraph:

Quote:Any label used to unite two people into common existence does so not by establishing community but by leveling distinctions. We thirst for community, but community is a unity of persons, not abstractions, a unity of real individuals united with all their distinctions, not a unity “freethinkers” or “traditionalists” or any leveled category or sub-category. Community holds people in common as the family holds people in common, rooting them in flesh and blood, in tangible fact, not just in a useful construct of the mind.

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