venial sin with really bad effects?
Let's say you sinned against someone in what seemed to be a venial way but through that you anger them towards the Church cause they know you are Catholic, and this was not intentional on your part but they then speak against the Church... Is your sin now mortal because of the consequences?
All things being equal, no because you couldn't foresee that consequence in the moment (assuming your venial sin wasn't something meditated or deliberated about). Also, say you didn't commit a sin but whatever you said still prompted the other person to say something grievous against the Church; you wouldn't be responsible for their sin anyway because you are not responsible for what other people choose to do. You also know the 9 ways in which we potentially could participate in another's sin.

On the other hand, there could have been a lack of prudence on your part since perhaps knowing that the person had some antipathy towards the Church, and knowing the person's personality and how they react to things, you might have had the opportunity to use more tact or not commit the sin in the first place that would prompt their anger. It's pretty easy to be imprudent.
I see! That makes sense..and I agree about prudence.. Thanks for replying!

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