mixed marriages
(08-03-2015, 02:42 AM)little_flower10 Wrote: Thanks for the reply! What would you do if someone close to you was moving towards such a marriage? Its confusing cause on one hand its valid under those given conditions on the other its discouraged.

Any marriage is hard ... "a fight to the death" as Chesterton put it. While it's a natural institution, fallen nature requires grace to repair those wounds in our nature and make it work reasonably well even on the natural plain, let along to operate in the supernatural realm.

Such a couple needs to understand the purpose of marriage. Often, procreation, formation and education of the children are not their primary goal if they are willing to put aside the Church's advice to avoid mixed marriages. They need to gently be made to understand that the mutual support of the spouses is important, but secondary, and in most marriages it will be the production, formation and education of children that will cause the mutual happiness of the spouses.

A marriage, then, is already difficult as it is, in so many ways. If we add yet one more difficulty (and not a minor one at that) -- the difference of Faith -- what will be the result. Yes, some can make this work. Many, nay, most cannot. They rob themselves of many necessary graces, and often the children do not become good Catholics, but confused -- the two primary authorities in their life disagree on the most fundamental aspects of life.

A true marriage, for any hope of supernatural success needs supernatural support. It must have the sacramental support, not just of the marriage itself, but also of the other sacraments and Catholic life -- the Eucharist, Penance, etc.

If we are to tolerate a mixed marriage, it is with the view that by such toleration the spouse will convert and become Catholic. If the spouse is not at least open, then only in the most extreme situations (e.g. necessity) should a mixed marriage happen. In earlier generations children out of wedlock often resulted in such necessities, but with our dis-society as it is today, one can legitimately wonder if a single mother is not better in some cases than a mixed marriage with one who is not going to promote the Faith, or at least promote good morals in a corrupt culture.

All of this must be explained organically and gently. Prudence.

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