Aerial realm
Orthodox priest Seraphim Rose in his The Soul After Death claims that after we die our souls travel through the aerial realm inhabited by evil spirits. I don't want this thread to concentrate on aerial tollhouses but rather the realm itself. It seems that in Islam this is the very 'place' where jinns live, and that it is also 'where' people go when 'out of their bodies' (astral plane). According to Rose, the visions of 'Heaven' and 'Hell' in near-death experience are in fact projections created by devils, who dwell in this aerial realm. Worth noting that Satan is called the prince of the power of the air.

Now, to the point. Do we, Catholics, believe in such a 'realm', 'plane' (call it as you want), that is indeed located, so it would seem, in our 'air' but which exists in another dimension? To use Rose's words, one which begins right here, in our atmosphere, but extends, as it were, in a different direction? No wonder that we used to pray 'From the air, hunger, fire and war, Lord, save us'.

Any Catholic wrote on the topic?
From Athanasius' De Incarnatione, Ch. 4, where Athanasius discusses the significance of the Crucifixion occurring in the air, the devils' home turf.

Quote: Even so, He foretold the manner of His redeeming death, "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Myself." Again, the air is the sphere of the devil, the enemy of our race who, having fallen from heaven, endeavors with the other evil spirits who shared in his disobedience both to keep souls from the truth and to hinder the progress of those who are trying to follow it. The apostle refers to this when he says, "According to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that now worketh in the sons of disobedience." But the Lord came to overthrow the devil and to purify the air and to make "a way" for us up to heaven, as the apostle says, "through the veil, that is to say, His flesh." This had to be done through death, and by what other kind of death could it be done, save by a death in the air, that is, on the cross? Here, again, you see how right and natural it was that the Lord should suffer thus; for being thus "lifted up," He cleansed the air from all the evil influences of the enemy. "I beheld Satan as lightning falling," He says; and thus He re-opened the road to heaven, saying again, "Lift up your gates, O ye princes, and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors." For it was not the Word Himself Who needed an opening of the gates, He being Lord of all, nor was any of His works closed to their Maker. No, it was we who needed it, we whom He Himself upbore in His own body—that body which He first offered to death on behalf of all, and then made through it a path to heaven.
Well not actually a Catholic,but see the CS Lewis sci-fi trilogy. Covers this and many other interesting things. Great read.
Anyone interested in this topic ought to start by reading Ephesians with its talk of " powers of the air" and Father Seraphims book. This idea of aerial realms seems fairly well attested by both scripture and many saints and fathers. Just whether it's compatible with Roman Catholic tradition or not is hard to say, but perhaps it's possible. The Divine Services in the Eastern Church are also filled with allusions to the aerial realms.
From what I understand, this idea is based on the thought in some platonists that all being had bodies, and demons had bodies made of air. Because of this, demons were associated with the air or atmosphere. This was adopted by Christians, some literally--ie demons actually have bodies made of air--and some more analogically--ie they are incorporeal but their spiritual nature makes them like beings with aerial bodies. Those who argued that they had real aerial bodies argued that God gave them these bodies so that they could suffer, especially fire.  Either way, St. Paul's reference to "power of the air" clearly meant demons to his listeners.

The opinion that the demons had real aerial bodies seems to have ultimately fallen out of favor in the Church (St. Thomas argues against it in the Summa, for example). 

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