Looking for a Rosary-Maker

FE is putting out a book about praying the Rosary in Montfort's style, with readings by Dom Columba Marmion, O.S.B. -- and, of course, tons of art, a painting for each bead.

What I'm after is a super-clean photograph -- straight-on view -- of a very simple-but-gorgeous Rosary, laid out so that each bead and each piece can be seen. By "clean," I mean pure white background, no table or cloth, etc., under it. What I'm wanting to do is to use that photograph and highlight each piece or bead as the Rosary goes along, so that with each turn of the page and each new meditation/dedication, a new bead is highlighted in some way.

If any Rosary-maker has such a photo and would care to share and allow us to use it, you'd be credited in the book, with the URL to your website (assuming you have one you sell Rosaries through).  Note that we might end up NOT using such a photo, but that's the plan for now!

Any takers?  If so, email me at:  TracyTucciarone@yahoo.com

Thanks, guys!

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