The Liberal Dream - Remove All Crosses From Public View
I bet the liberals are going gaga at this one (! Maybe they will all up and move to China.....wait no such luck!
The architect of this awful policy of religious repression, Xi Jinping (习近平), who has brutally oppressed Christians and devotees of Falun Gong / Falun Dafa, is treated with kid gloves by the international media and by the U.S. government. His daughter, Xi Mingze (习明泽), was even granted admission to Harvard University, along with a student visa issued by the U.S. Department of State! Why are we educating the sons and daughters of brutal dictators and oligarchs, much less the children of those who are wielding the scourges that shed the blood of martyrs? Why should U.S. institutions be complicit in the aristocratic dynastism of brutal anti-Christian tyrants? At a highly-selective institution like Harvard, each son of a sheikh or local chairman of the Communist Party (paying the full, foreign-rate tuition) takes the place of a hard-working, intelligent American who is given no favors on account of who he is.

For shame! Xi Jinping, you war against Jesus Christ, and you will not be victorious. You are having your pawn in Zhejiang (浙江省), Xia Baolong (夏宝龙) , do your bidding, launching a test-run for an country-wide policy.
Quote: "It comes from much higher up, Wenzhou is just a testing ground for a widespread offensive against Christian influence," said one pastor, citing internal sources. Xia was Xi Jinping's deputy from 2003 to 2007, before the latter became the country's president.

According to even official reports, as of 2012, Christians number more than one million in the city of Wenzhou (温州市), and look how you are treating these children of God. Just today, the international media reports you have arrested seven Christians on trumped-up charges as part of this latest campaign of persecution! Even the BBC is incredulous!
Seven Christians have been detained in China accused of embezzlement and disrupting social order.
Quote:Pastor Bao Guohua, his wife and five church employees were detained in Jinhua, in eastern Zhejiang province.

But the church's lawyer Chen Jiangang told the BBC he believed they were being punished for protesting against the removal of their church cross.

The local government in Zhejiang has recently been ordering state-sanctioned churches to stop displaying crosses.
I thought it would be a good thing to compile quotes from the comment section on Yahoo News article that divinesilence linked, picking particularly juicy comments in a sort of florilegium that demonstrates the attitude of those who will initiate the coming persecution of Christians in the West. Many of these comments are rated very highly. They are no longer considered shocking but are part of acceptable discourse among semi-educated, liberal-minded people.

Raze evey church to the ground, not just in China but in the whole world. Religion is a scourge on the planet and the cause of most wars.

Good for China! Foreign evangelical religions should definitely be limited. Western religions are just another way for foreign powers to exert influence in China. Such influences must be curtailed. The worst part of these foreign religions is that that grow over time like a cancer. Better to excise them before they kill the country and the culture. Just look at those Koreans who are utterly culturally subsumed by Christianity. Pitiful.

The only regret I have is that chairman have not wept out Christianity in china during the cultural revolution. This fake religion was imposed on the Chinese by the colonialist and imperialist during the 19th and early 20th century to gain control over the Chinese. The Roman Catholic Church had committed many heinous crimes and genocides against humanity over a millennium. Remember the Spanish inquisition, the crusades during the middle ages, the pope allied with the ottoman sultan to defeat and destroy the Greek Orthodox church where her capital was in Constantinople, the present day Istanbul. But not least during the 16th century in Europe the so called holy roman catholic church of which the pope is the head slaughter tens of millions of people in Europe during the so called holy wars against the protestants. Remember the ship called Mayflower the sailed the America to escape the slaughter by the pope. Even during the invasion of the Europeans in china the Christians especially the catholic had committed crimes against the Chinese during the latter par of Qing dynasty in china. AS far as I am concerned the Christian and especially the Roman catholic in china are pure and simple criminals and as such criminals must be destroyed.

Maybe they're trying to discourage people from being ignorant by believing in something for which there's no practical evidence. I mean, if I was a dictator I would let you worship as you please, but I would also make it clear that science has debunked so much of it that there likely isn't a god. And there certainly isn't a terrestrial one... it's all mythology.

As victims of those loud Bible-quoting crazies that seem to occupy every street corner and harass passersby with their nonsense, we are glad to know there is a government with the cajones to crack down on their outrageous behavior.
These Christians should obey building regulations instead of causing a ruckus. And on Sundays, why can’t they drink the blood and eat a piece of their dead Jewish guy in quiet?

Religion make people crazy. But where is the god you believed in when bad things happen to you. Are those gods too busy to care so many believers? Don't be stupid, there is no god at all.

We should all commend China for rejecting superstition.

Its just couple of sticks, folks. Nothing more. I know I know.. its a symbol. You can get crosses everywhere. What's hurt is just an emotion that Govt doesn't support religion or Christianity. Its a concept. So what, if Govt doesn't support? If you have faith in your hearts about the concept you cherish, you don't need those 2 sticks. You can practice worships, ceremonies and services without those as well. Just chill and continue your faith as if nothing happened. Its good for your belief system and the community.

Finally. China is doing something I agree with, but I don't think they are going far enough. Time to gather up the balls to say enough is enough and just ban religion outright. Hopefully the US will be them to that. Time to give up the fairy tales, sheeple.

Well isn't this an emotional teary eyed article. Oh..the poor persecuted Christians again. Wake up! China for thousands of years before the advent of Christianity held different religious beliefs. They are not and have NEVER been a Christian nation and how or why the missionaries ever believed they could convert is beyond any fathomable reality. The Christians think they can do to and in China what they thought they could do to the Indians, Hindu, and Muslims. Convert them. Its NOT going to happen. Can these Christians not let other nations alone with their proselyting, and food for bibles programs?

Oh, poor persecuted christians. They've been persecuting others and their own for centuries and can't even come together on what to believe. Over 40,000 denominations. What a farce of a religion.

Doesn't the cross meet the criteria for a false idol, as prohibited by the 10 commandments?

CROSS is the most stupid thing in the world, really idiot

Unwelcome Remarks
Christians do some bizarre stuff, that cross they have they nail a bloody jew to it then symbolically cannibalize the guy and also drink his blood. You can certainly see why the Chinese are a little alarmed at having crosses visible in public, and rightly so. Its just plain weird and cultish.

Glen R
Christians are upset because this cuts into their profits..oh, their donations when they have to spend it on new crosses. Next thing will be to outlaw bibles...hmmm...

Christianity vs China. Epic war! Christianity is curse to a human kind but it is well etched in bone marrow of generations! Christianity helps any Government to control its hoi polloi! Ephemeral Lord is very powerful and useful! Agree Christianity must be a corner stone of a society! Imagine the USA without Christianity!

I'm Catholic and don't see it as a problem. A cross on the front of the building is fine.
What I think the Chinese government fears most is it,s growing Muslim population. Christians and buddist, etc they just blend in and go along with the culture as is. Not so the Muslims, Officially China is one of the most secular nations on the planet. Muslims cannot abide by that. Their Koran tell them to resist that. And the Chinese government knows that. Bet next thing you will see are more restrictions aimed at the Muslim population. No beards, NO head scarfs already exist.

Unwelcome Remarks
Christians continue to offend people. We only ask that you don't display your crosses in public, small children can see them.

And American Christians whine about being oppressed.

Let the destruction of that heathen symbol the cross start after condemnation of the courts here in the US.

Is god powerless to stop this desecration to his house. A well timed and positioned bolt of lightning would greatly slow this campaign. But, once again, god is silent in people's hour of need.

Unknown to most stupid Americans, China does provide freedom of religion. China dies oppose symbols of hatred such as the pagan cross where delusional people harass and call other religions wicked people who will be tortured by their blood, heathen, god jesus in his torture chamber of fire if you do not believe. Luke 16.

If I had MY WAY , the SAME THING would be happening in America ! Religion is A YOKE around Modern Mans neck , and is The MAIN REASON for Mans Warlike and Murderous Ways !! More people have been Murdered in The Name of Religion than have died in EVERY WAR man has ever fought !! Religion is WHY We In America are where we are now in Our History !! Divided Right Down The Middle , between Those who Believe , and THOSE WHO DON`T !!! I AM AN ATHEIST , and I am PROUD OF IT !! It is MY WISH when I die , that NO ONE PRAYS over My Dead Body !! I have already informed My Family NOT to allow A Preacher at MY FUNERAL !! Play Rock and Roll , Smoke Marijuana , Drink Keg Beer , and Have A Good Time CELEBRATING My Death , but Don`t INSULT MY DEAD BODY with Religious Mumbo Jumbo !!!

Religious idols and symbols have nothing to do with God; they are more political statements that we are right and others are wrong. Fighting over holy books, shawls and other parafanelia are infantile to say the least.

religion is a disease. it is based on an outdated book of fables that tries and fails to drown out logic. science and reason needs to be heeded. not old fables made up by rich men to control their slaves. and yes in the middle ages serfs who worked the land were slaves. rich men created religion to keep women and peasants in check

Doesn't China realize that Christianity NEEDS to be everywhere?!
How dare they object to the almighty, beloved execution device that some fictional bloody Jew hung on and has inspired mass murder and backwards thinking for generations upon generations!!!!
Can't we find a reason to go to war with China over this, and possibly plant a long term military presence??

Thank Evolution
Religion should be a private lifestyle... societies don't need public churches to indoctrinate children or adults who are weak minded into their cult... I'm with China on this one.

Christians have no room to complain. They've murdered and destroyed cultures for centuries.

Proselytizing is how christianity is growing. Yeah, that's right. Brainwash the scientifically ignorant to due your crazy bidding.

it doesn't matter, crosses are just symbols; they're like the finger that points to the moon--focus on the moon, not the pointing finger.

The Chinese are probably watching the United States of Anerica and seeing the fanatical foaming at the mouth pseudochristians desperate to manifest the Theocratic States of America where their religion reigns supreme over everyone in its borders and are doing everything to can to squash the problem before it becomes as bad as it is in the US.

Good for China. Religion is a form of brainwashing and the communists know it.

Religon encourages believers to hate and attack heretics and non-believers and astrange each other. It posions people's minds and force them to live off lies and illlusions.

Well done China! I live in Cyprus, an oppressive christian orthodox theocracy and I'm happy to see some governments take measures against religion, especially Abrahamic religions which have caused so much pain in the world for so many centuries.

Homophobic, evangelical churches of the American variety - no great loss.

If the Evangelicals ever took control of the U.S. Government they'd be doing the same thing to Mosques, Hindu and Buddhist Temples, Mormon Churches and eventually Catholic Churches.

In the 1860s China allowed christians to worship freely and a devout Chinese christian had a vision that he was the 2nd coming of Christ. He started a peasent revolution that took 20 million to 40 million lives, they didn't keep good records on the number of deaths. The uprising was only ended when 'Jesus's little brother' disappeared. His followers say he floated up to heaven others say he was poisoned by a jealous supporter. Either way the christians are lucky to be allowed back in the country again.

China should declare Taoism as state religion. Taoism is the true traditional religion of China long long before other non-indigenous religions invade China. If Taoism is declared as China's state religion, then China joins most of the world's nations with their own state recognized indigenous religions. Then other countries cannot criticize China, because they are also protecting their own state sanctioned religions, be it Islam, Christians, Catholics or Buddhism. For example Malaysia bans Churches from putting up crosses, the Vatican bans all other religions and temples, Burma and Thailand banns churches and Mosques, Japan bans all churches except Shinto shrines. China is wise if it declares Taoism as the sole state religion like in ancient times.

Foreign devils bring in their god and colonize Chinese minds. Time to bring back the indigenous Taoism to Chinese, their very own religion, don't copy foreign devils' religions.

Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.
Don't you religious nutters ever read your book of fairy tales?
Why does it take an atheist to point out that you don't need places of worship with all the trimmings? Just practice your faith in secret as instructed in your reference book, and noboby else will be bothered.
What is scary is that these com box warriors probably represent what a lot of our fellow citizens actually believe so that, should there actually be a purge of sorts, they'd support it.  Christianity is the kid of the playground that everybody kicks around because they can, because Christians don't fight back.

It's also a bit crazy  how many people believe that religion is such a cause of violence, as if atheist humanism is any better. Have these same supporters of China ever looked into how utterly brutal and sadistic Mao was? Lenin? Stalin? Pol Pot? All militant atheists!
(08-06-2015, 06:33 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: What is scary is that these com box warriors probably represent what a lot of our fellow citizens actually believe so that, should there actually be a purge of sorts, they'd support it.  Christianity is the kid of the playground that everybody kicks around because they can, because Christians don't fight back.

It's also a bit crazy  how many people believe that religion is such a cause of violence, as if atheist humanism is any better. Have these same supporters of China ever looked into how utterly brutal and sadistic Mao was? Lenin? Stalin? Pol Pot? All militant atheists!

Shhhh...left-wingnuts don't like facts! They only like their narrative because it helps them sleep at night with their guilty poorly formed consciences.

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