Born Again, All Over Again
(08-10-2015, 02:40 AM)xandratax Wrote: Sadly, the timing is horrible, as the Catholic Church no longer converts people anymore. In fact, that must be related to this.

I think there's a tremendous amount of truth to this statement.

Back home, I had a very good friend who was Jewish, and who was flirting with Orthodox Judaism. Whenever we talked about matters of faith - I was just returning to the Church at that point after years in the Protestant diaspora - it struck me how obvious it was that Catholicism was the child of Judaism. And we're talking post-temple Judaism, which is soooo far removed from the Judaism that gave birth to the Church, and the NO Church, as I had had no contact with Traditionalism yet.

I can understand  needing to find something more than Protestantism. I grew up in the Church, albeit marginally, and knew there was more out there. It drew me back. But it is the fault of sola scriptura, because they miss the richness and fullness found in the writings of the early Church Fathers. I think if Protestants had access to those things the end result might be different.

But there's danger there! How many of the high-profile converts to the Church essentially read their way into the Church? We could convert a lot more if we could just convince them to read, which is a bit of an irony.

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