Some very positive News
Since this section is devoted to Catholic News and the SSPX are Catholic i think this is where this story  belongs, if not  Vox can move it

Anyway without further explanation  check out this link on What Bishop Athanasius Schneider has to say about them.

One thing i  would like to add is, recently Bishop Athanasius Schneider was interviewed by Michael Vorris and it was very obvious  that Michael holds him in very high esteem,  Most of us know that Michael has been can we say fairly hard on the SSPX.  I am wondering  what he will say when he  reads about this interview that more or less states that the Holy See sent the good Bishop to make contact to the SSPX.  Anyway it should be interesting.  I hope and Pray for the return of these Catholics back to good standing in the Church.

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