The Columbian Bishops
Two Colombian prelates have stressed that Catholics who are divorced and remarried cannot receive Communion, warning against false interpretations of public remarks by Pope Francis.

At his public audience last week, the Pope said that divorced and remarried Catholics are not excommunicated. Cardinal Ruben Salazar Gomez of Bogota emphasized that the Pope’s statement was not a new development, and did not suggest any change in Church teaching or discipline. He emphasized that “it cannot be said that Pope Francis said the divorced and remarried can receive Communion.”

Catholics living in irregular marital situations remain a part of the Church, the cardinal explained. “The Church considers them as a member of her community; but the doctrine is constant and there is no innovation here.”

Bishop José Falla Robles, an auxiliary of the Cali archdiocese, agreed that “the Catholic Church has never considered persons who are divorced and remarried to be excommunicated.” He said that Pope Francis was underlining the traditional teaching that “they should be provided with spiritual care and allowed to participate in the Church's life.”
Good on them!

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