Marriage inflation
Interesting article from Dr. Feser again (btw, I just remembered how I came across FE—its from the links on Feser's blog!) about marriage inflation: when one tries to impose egalitarianism one ends up basically with devaluation that leads to an unofficial hierarchy. So, if one tries to give everyone an A the mark A will not mean anything, but the smart students will still be differentiated by other means.
So, while people may talk the egalitarian talk, they still act according to reality (this is the case in every communist nation, btw, where capitalism just went underground). Likewise in marriage, you can call a living arrangement, the third longer affair of some actor or any relation of the self to something a marriage. And this means nothing, these relations will never compare to the real thing and its just makes the term marriage meaningless, as Feser puts it
Quote:“So Bob and Ted can now marry?  Whoop dee doo.  So can Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, or Bob and his niece, or Bob and his iPod, or Bob and himself.”  What “marriage equality” gave with its left hand, it threatens to take back with its far left hand. 
All the while people will still act according to reality, seeing the value of traditional marriage.

I have to say I'm a bit suspicious about this. Some of the major proponents of gay marriage were not shy that they advocated it not because they want the sacraments, but because they want to desacralize it.
I wonder if people are not so brain washed, so turned from reality, that they will actually come to hate traditional marriage. Like in the acquisition of a vice: firstly a minor good is presented to you but your will makes your intellect consider it as a good and ignore the evil it could bring. When this process is repeated so many times you acquire a vice and you turn the good into evil and the evil into good.
I don't know, maybe I'm a bit pessimistic because I live among radicals. Still, I wouldn't make little of man's capacity for evil.

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