CAF Disabled Registrations!
I'm a member there and I have no idea why they would disable registrations. 

I have found that the quality ebbs and flows depending on what is being discussed and who is involved in the discussions.  There are several posters that are VERY good and I think they bring quite a bit to the table.  It's usually the same topics over and over again, and the same ground is covered quite frequently.  I will say this much... before my wife became Catholic, CAF was a VERY valuable tool that helped me (I am a lifelong Catholic) lean things that I should have already known so that I could discuss them with her.  The folks at CAF - both posters and staff - were a HUGE help to me. 

My most serious criticism is that they are waaay too quick on the trigger when it comes to infractions and banning people.  I understand they want to keep things civil, but it definately stifles debate. 

God bless.


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