Head of CDF warns of a split as big as the Reformation
(09-07-2015, 10:08 AM)GangGreen Wrote: I am curious as to how such a split would occur. I'd wager one side would be the liberal Church and another the traditional Church. Would there be two popes? Would one side bring Benedict XVI out of retirement? Who would get the buildings and clergy? Would each priest just pick a side? Scary times indeed.

I'm asking a lot of the same questions, but as usual...

(09-07-2015, 12:03 PM)Renatus Frater Wrote: I'm a bit skeptical about a split in the Church. I mean, does the Vatican (specially under this pope) has the guts to confront the Germans? If the Synod doesn't go the German way they will say whatever they want anyway, some poor priest at some commission of the Vatican will issue some anodyne statement, the German rebellion will become universal practice and that's it.
I really, really doubt Francis will excommunicate anyone (and the CDF, after the pagan nuns shenanigans, has almost no authority). At worst a bishop or two will lose his job (because that's what it is for them, a job, like being a cashier or something).

... .RF brings a most reasonable response to the table!

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