Conservative revolt brewing inside the Vatican

Papal power, Burke warned, “is not absolute.” He added, “The pope does not have the power to change teaching [or] doctrine.”

Rather lengthy article ..
I don't think this Faiola guy gets the Church. I mean, his paragraph about now, because of a papal liberation, priests can now (shock, horror!) forgive a “mortal sin” (sic) kinda gives it away.
And that Radicliffe fella, who is fond of commemorating “gay love”, is “afraid” of where conservatives are taking things? Oh please.

I wish the premise of the article to be true, but the article itself is so bad one doesn't even know where to start (no offence to you, tucherb).
This kind of begs the question: Will there be schism in October?
50 years too late.
Their is only a Schism if Conservative Cardinals and Bishops got together to elect a new Pope, which their is absoluely no indication of happening. WE have had bad Popes in the past.

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