Cigar smokers
Any cigar smokers out there?

Im am avid Macanudo and Monte Christo fan but would like to know what others are up to.
I like those, my favorites is probably San Cristobal. I really like Don Pepin Garcia. Just smoked a Monte Cristo a bit ago, or maybe it was a Partagas. It was dark and I was offered one ha.
When I smoked, I loved my nat shermans
I was a cigar smoker (and worked in high end cigar stores for awhile) before I was diagnosed with COPD. Probably my all time favourite was the Fuente Hemingway Short Story.
hmm I am more of a wonderer, I liked oliva, romeo y jullietta, and alec bradly, the cuban I had was a pyramid, would love another, but I dont have them all that often, cant due to insurance limited to 4 of them a year.
Interesting groups of cigars, I will be trying a few of them
Don Pepin Garcia blue is excellent, and the one that put the company on the map. The Invictos size and the torpedo are my favorites. The My Father Connecticut is very good, too. My favorite cigar right now is the box pressed Decade by Rocky Patel. That has an effortless draw. A good morning smoke is the Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real. If you like a very flavorful mild smoke, try the Montecristo White Label, the long thin one, I think they call that shape a Number 2 or Number 1.

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