the two Divine Promises?
I found a booklet called the Two Divine Promises and it talks about a Communion novena for conversions. Does anyone know if this is approved? Just wondering.. Thanks!
If it's the same one I'm thinking of, I don't think it is.  I found it problematic because it promised that if you received Holy Communion 30 days in a row, you would be given the assurance of salvation for yourself and someone else of your choosing. 
That's the one I'm asking about...

I wondered about that too but I thought if it's approved, maybe it means it in the same way as the First Saturday / First Friday promises? It's not like "assurance" but certainly sounds like it gives all the graces needed for final perseverance. Could it be the same? I'm just wondering if the Church has clarified about this or said anything..
For example is it referring to moral assurance or absolute assurance - to use the words of another poster in another forum cause there was a discussion there too about this. (I still have no answer though). It would help if the Church said anything.. but I can't find out if it did. If this is true/approved then it must refer to the same type of "assurance" as the First Friday devotion - like a confidence/hope, not "this is going to happen no matter what" sort of assurance. I just wish there was a way to know..
The booklet I saw didn't have an imprimatur.  It did have a note from the author in the booklet saying the private devotion is ok in this case just as it was concerning Lourdes and Fatima before they were officially approved. That means it has not yet been approved.  As such, I would take his own claims that it is ok with a grain of salt.

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