Watching U.S. papal events online
Would you please provide in this thread Web links for viewing the various events during Pope Francis's visit to the U.S., including his speeches and homilies?

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is streaming the entire visit:
I watched the USCCB streaming coverage of the welcoming of the Holy Father at the White House.  The commentary is probably better than the secular media will offer, so I'm going to stay with the USCCB coverage.

We might also discuss the events as they progress in this thread.

I came to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Pope Francis from reading this article about a disciplinary action against him by Jesuit superiors during 1990-1992:  I prayed during the last interregnum for a strong pope.  That is really what we received. 
I haven't been following it much but my parish priests are going to celebrate mass with him today. Thank you for that article, I think reading that did help me come to a greater understanding of the him. He really is a great man but too many can't see beyond the things he's done that they don't agree with to see the great love he has for God and all of us. He isn't the perfect pope, there is no such thing, but he sure does try to center his decisions on love and mercy.
Here is a schedule of the events.  Commentary usually begins before the scheduled event begins:

They are now broadcasting in preparation for the 4:15 p.m. canonization Mass.
I am under the impression that EWTN is likely also broadcasting these events, as they broadcasted the Papal visit to Cuba.
#6 has a live stream, then you can receive a blessing

I did feel the gospel choir performance (I think by St. Augustine's) during the welcome ceremony for the Holy Father.  In related news, the D.C. Boys Choir is performing at the Vatican and again they conflict with the papal schedule.  :)
Refresh the page if the video is not streaming.  :)

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