Pope's Address to Congress - Video and Transcript
Well, its kinda nice to see someone else besides Bibi receiving standing ovation at US Congress (...or is it ??  Tin Foil Hat )

This sure ain't no Bundestag address, with its fine points of political theory and theology, or Regensburg lecture, but I suppose it could be worse—the pope could go on and on about some leftist thing, but instead, sans his praise for religious liberty, its more or less Catholic social doctrine.
At first I thought he was going to go into liberation theology mode and complete disregard the summum bonum, the unum necessarium, the Good that holds civilization, but he did hinted at the it with Merton.

To be honest whenever I hear pope Francis really speaking I have a sort of sympathy for him. He is a simple man, and should we love him less or respect him less because he can't make discourses like his predecessors? What would St. Peter think of that?
Yes, he doesn't explicit mentions Jesus and frequently slips into implicit liberalism, but I'm not sure we can doubt his love for our Lord.

I suppose I myself slipped into sentimentalism, but that's it folks, I suppose that's my mind for now.

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