Pope's Address to Congress - Video and Transcript
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(09-25-2015, 11:24 PM)Christus_Vincit Wrote: The fact that he didn't explicitly condemn abortion and gay "marriage" is inexcusable, especially because he chose to explicitly condemn the death penalty.  His silence speaks volumes.  This pope knows EXACTLY what he is doing.  If I had been blindfolded and told to listen to that speech, there would have been no way for me to tell that the Vicar of Jesus Christ was speaking.  Shameful.


One thing, though...If I'd been blindfolded and had to listen to the speech without knowing who was speaking, I'd have fallen asleep within 5 minutes or less  Grin.  As Vox said...unbearable!

Brethren, let's be charitable, the Pope does not speak English, the fact that he has enunciated his speech in a passable English speaks volume.  He is much livelier when he speaks in Spanish or Italian.

I was being charitable.  I was speaking the truth in charity.  Grin

And, why would it be uncharitable to criticize him for not condemning abortion, gay marriage, etc.?  He could've done that in English just as "easily" as all the other things he spoke...in English.
Brother,  I was referring to  the Holy Father's language skills.
I believe that Our Lord would prefer that we pray for our Pope, he needs all of our prayers.

I, too, was referring to his language skills.  Look, if I were to try to give a speech these days in Hebrew and noticed people in my audience nodding off, I'd just have to laugh at myself.  And if someone else commented about how bad my Hebrew was (is, anymore) what reason would I or anyone else have to take any kind of offense?  What's uncharitable about speaking the truth, even bluntly,  about Frank's language skills?  As for prayers, well, that's true--he needs all our prayers.  As do all the rest of us need all our prayers! Smile

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