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(09-29-2015, 11:19 AM)Clare Brigid Wrote: Renatus, my frater, we are saying that vainglory is a substantial risk.

I think it's important for trads to hear about spiritual sins on a frequent basis.  We need to caution each other, without pronouncing condemnations.

Thanks, and I appreciate the concern for our souls.

But youngfogey said praying in Latin is showing off, and you seem to agree. This is simply not true (generally).
No.  I said it can be.

In about the last 40 years the limit of my Latin pretentions has been singing Mass and Benediction as I was milking goats.

The dear ole goats were remarkably tolerant (they even seemed to like) my howling like an old dog in a rabbit trap.

Some of you seem to take yourselves too seriously.
If we're going to call praying in Latin showing off, then there are plenty of things we can throw into that category. I see people who make gestures in church that almost seem like they're going overboard in reverence, is this showing off?

Everyone has their things. Some people feel that Latin lends itself better for prayer. Others may feel differently.
I only pray in Latin when I'm at home chanting the psalms in the Benedictine Office. Not sure how thats showing off. If I'm at a Pauline Rite liturgy I don't make a show of praying in Latin, but pray in the vernacular like everyone else. [i]Anything[/i] can be a prideful and pretentious exercise but it's more in the intention of the one doing whatever one is doing. If we are being prideful I think we all know it. In and of itself Latin is more a way to get in touch with ones patrimony, and not necessarily an exercise in pride and pretension.
Well, yes, I also don't make a fuss at the NOM (and I believe Latin would be the least of the NOM's problems; and besides, shouldn't one form of the rite influence another?). Just like in the TLM I'm not one of the yellers.
I mean, everything could be an occasion of pride: the NOM's orans position, genuflecting, receiving communion kneeling, veiling, (praying in Old Slav, for the Eastern inclined), etc. If we're going down that road we'll banish everything. There are other ways of dealing with pride besides abolishing pious practices.
Speaking only for myself, I've never felt comfortable praying privately in Latin, even the Breviary. I am comfortable reading Latin, but it still feels like a pretension in personal prayer. It is perfectly natural in a public service like Mass or Benediction, but I prefer praying in my own language privately - that's also why I generally don't like "traditional" English. But if using Latin in your devotional life helps you, great. I confess to not understanding why someone would pray privately in Latin if they don't understand Latin well, but my opinion doesn't matter that much - that's a matter between them and a spiritual director.

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