Bp Williamson 9/27 column on Europe's Muslim invasion
Europe, you’re being invaded with great skill.
Return to God, or be invaded still.

If any readers have not yet woken up, let them wake up. A report of a few days ago from a reader in Germany tells of news never reported in our vile media, vile precisely because they tell so many lies and so little truth (but is it not we the people who are essentially responsible for our media . . . ?).

“Germany, Austria and neighbouring lands to the south-east have been undergoing for the last few months an aggressive invasion of foreigners disguised as ‘refugees,’ a large majority of whom are young men, spoiling for a fight. Bavaria’s Minister-President Horst Seehofer, looking as pale as a sheet, said on local TV last Sunday that law and order were on the brink of collapse. Yet our puppet-governments and our mass media, at the service of the enemies of God, support this invasion by all means at their disposal, including misused State force, such as the police and the army. These puppets also lie in print, to hide the invasion from the people and thus cause as much damage as possible.

“The mass of people are still asleep, although more and more men of the land around here and elsewhere are speaking openly of civil war. In outlying regions of Bavaria things are coming to a halt. Residents and goods can no longer move, or only with long delays. About the hordes of invaders – not yet grouped together – ranging freely through the countryside and stealing, the mass-media breathe not a word. The local authorities – under orders from above – have lost all control, and the police advise the victimised population to look after themselves and eventually form civil defence groups – after we were completely disarmed a few years ago.

“Croatia has called for mobilisation of its army, which is everywhere getting on its feet. I want to see what I can do locally, but I am afraid that most of my fellow-countrymen still have no idea what is happening. If jus t a certain number of them wake up, they will fight like lions, which is why our so-called government, and the enemies of God who control it, are lying and deceiving at all levels to put off that moment of awakening. It is going to be bad . . .” (End of reader’s report)

The emergency described here is not of course confined to Germany. A similar disaster is afflicting many other Western nations as well. It is unbelievable, unless one looks at it from a religious point of view, and then it all makes sense. Look up the whole of Psalm 105 (106, new numbering). God gave to the Israelites gifts and corresponding responsibilities to which they were repeatedly unfaithful. If he loved them, he could not leave them unpunished (Heb.XII, 7–8). Here are verses 35 to 41 of the Psalm, adapted to our own time:—

“And the Christians were mingled among the heathens, and learned their works, and served the same idols of liberalism, and it became a stumbling-block to them. And they sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the devils of contraception and abortion and they shed innocent blood: the blood of their sons and daughters which they sacrificed to the idols of self-centred pleasure-seeking. And the land was polluted with blood, and was defiled with their works; and they went aside after their own electronics. And the Lord was exceedingly angry with the people: and he abhorred those whom he had specially gifted. And he delivered them into the hands of their age-old enemies: and those that had hated the Christians for 2000 and 1400 years had dominion over them.”

Europe’s disaster is by God’s permission. The solution is of course to turn to God: verse 44, “And he saw when they were in tribulation, and he heard their prayer, (46) and he gave them unto mercies, in the sight of all those that had made them captives. (47) Save us, O Lord, our God, and gather us from among your enemies . . . . ”

Kyrie eleison.
A " return to God" is all well and good but it's too vague. What exactly would that mean in practice? At least during the time of Charles Martel or the battle of Lepanto Europe was basically Christian, today that's not the case at all. I know a priest in France who says the French are largely totally indifferent to religion and the only Christian thing left are the rotting and empty hulks of old cathedrals and quaint village churches kept up for tourists to snap pictures of. Barring Divine intervention there is absolutely nothing that is going to stop Western Europe from becoming Eurabia.

What could be done I suppose is for strict immigration laws, mass deportations and an end to political correctness. Right now the sole hope of Europe is the extreme far right, a rag tag group of modern pagans, neo nazis and others who share little in common besides a desire to get rid of foreigners on the continent who bring an alien culture and have no roots there. I'm no nazi sympathisizer but when I think of Europe today I can hear Skrewdriver playing in my head:

I stand watch my country, going down the drain
We are all at fault now, we are all to blame
We're letting them takeover, we just let 'em come
Once we had an Empire, and now we've got a slum

You don't have to be a skinhead to see that what they were singing about back in the late 70's early 80's has come to pass in Europe and getting worse.

As for a return to God, that would have to include the Pope and most of the worlds bishops, men who for the most part are aiding and abetting the massive tidal wave of muslim immigrants into Europe. We can send aid in the form of bombs to these countries so that these people can live in peace in their own countries once ISIS is destroyed. They do not belong in Europe or the USA and never will.

Europe will  be punished for their desertion of Jesus and his teachings
Europe kind of had this coming for a while. As much as I sympathize with the plight of the migrants-- especially the Christian ones (of course)-- it would be foolish to believe none of them admire or have loyalties to ISIL. There need to be regulations, rules, etc. about the migrants, along with itemizing the total cost of taking them in. Many programs have been ineffective at assimilating migrants and refugees, and it's a problem requiring solutions.

In the US, we (for the Americans) might detect a strong Protestant culture undercurrent, but most are pro-national culture. For the most part, many people believe in the "melting pot" ideal and expect assimilation. Europe abandoned their national identities a long time ago, with their declining marriage and birth rates, highly-funded taxpayer programs, and immigration policies.

Germany took on the greatest burden, and unless the migrants are willing to assimilate there may not exist a German culture in 10-20 years.

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