Bp Williamson 9/27 column on Europe's Muslim invasion
Europe kind of had this coming for a while. As much as I sympathize with the plight of the migrants-- especially the Christian ones (of course)-- it would be foolish to believe none of them admire or have loyalties to ISIL. There need to be regulations, rules, etc. about the migrants, along with itemizing the total cost of taking them in. Many programs have been ineffective at assimilating migrants and refugees, and it's a problem requiring solutions.

In the US, we (for the Americans) might detect a strong Protestant culture undercurrent, but most are pro-national culture. For the most part, many people believe in the "melting pot" ideal and expect assimilation. Europe abandoned their national identities a long time ago, with their declining marriage and birth rates, highly-funded taxpayer programs, and immigration policies.

Germany took on the greatest burden, and unless the migrants are willing to assimilate there may not exist a German culture in 10-20 years.

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