first class feasts vs Holy days
Today is the feast of St. Michael the archangel. This was historically a major holy day the equivalent of the new year in the agricultural cycle and much else. it was abolished as a holy day of obligation in the eighteenth century but people are still familiar with the term "Michaelmas" it is what we call the embertide before this for example. it is no longer a holy day of obligation, but What is the obligation of the lay faithful as far as first class feasts in the liturgy as this one is still today? are we to work? can we do schoolwork? can we purchase things such as food? I just want to know as this is a bit confusing. It is the same designation as major holy days but it seems to not be observed or carry with it any requirements. what is the difference and where do we draw the line between a holy day and just a particularly notable feast day?

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